Our third litter

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Born on April 16 2009
8 puppies

3 blue merle males
1 tri color male
2 blue merle females
2 tri color males


The Legend From Marmorea's Shelter
Moddey Cloh Step Bi Step


Birthday August 5 2005

Eyes:clear from CEA/CH/PRA/Cataract
MDR 1 +/-
Hips: HD A
Birthday April 15 2007

Eyes:Genetic free from CEA
CH/PRA/ cataract clear
MDR 1 +/+
Hips: HD A


call name
Moddey Cloh Something different
Nio Blue merle male 1.15 260gr
Moddey Cloh Designer collection Easy Tri color female 1.20 220gr
Moddey Cloh Limited edition Diva Blue merle female 1.40 210gr
Moddey Cloh Armful of fun Aibreann Tricolor female 2.15 250gr
Moddey Cloh Secret riddle Bowie Blue merle male 3.15 140 gr
Moddey Cloh Just my style Noah Tri color male 3.50 220 gr
Moddey Cloh Isn't she lovely Pebbles Blue merle female 4.58 150 gr
Moddey Cloh Little intruder Brody Blue merle male 6.40 210 gr


Moddey Cloh Something different
reu / male
Moddey Cloh Designer collection
teef / female
Moddey Cloh Limited edition
teef / female
Moddey Cloh Armful of fun
teef / female
Moddey Cloh Secret riddle
Moddey Cloh Just my style
reu / male
Moddey Cloh Isn't she lovely
teef / female
Moddey Cloh Little intruder
Reu / male
Jeslyn 2 days after the pups were born!



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