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Geraldine Jansen
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I am Geraldine Jansen and I owned Moddey Cloh Shetland Sheepdogs

Our kennel was registered on July 2, 2003


Eyecatcher Dusty van 't Kaesjeswaeter


Our first sheltie was a sable Eyecatcher Dusty 't Kaesjeswaeter born on June 13 , 1999. With him I did very well in FCI Obedience . In March 2005 we got Kyrie Finally Bi Mine ' Ivy' imported from the USA . Ivy is the matriarch of our kennel.

We breed with American and English bloodlines mixed. We do this in order to get the best of both types of dogs. Health and character are our priority. We test our dogs on hips, MDR1 , ECVO mandatory eye test and the CEA genetic test. We breed only healthy and mentally sound,  high quality dogs.  Our stock is clear of all hereditary diseases to the best of our knowledge.Nevertheless, we cannot prevent if something happens with the health of the dog. But we can try to selectively breed to try to avoid health problems. 

Our puppies grow up in our home and are socialized in many areas. Please check out our litters and view photos of the stages from newly born puppies to 8 weeks old. The puppies are vaccinated and dewormed according to schedule.  Registration , certificate DNA [ evidence that the parents of the puppy actually the parents ] , along with a pet passport and pedigree. You will also receive copies of the health certificate of the parents and a copy of the ECVO eye exam results of the puppy.

Besides breeding we are active with our dogs in dog sports and conformation. I do Agility in grade 2 with Jeslyn , Stacey and Brayleigh . I also do FCI Obedience . Dusty had FCI OB 3 ,  Jeslyn has FCI O3 3, Ivy FCI OB1 and Stacey and Brayleigh have OBB . 

You’re welcome to stop by for a cup of coffee and meet  our dogs. 

Please enjoy our site and if there are any questions , I am happy to answer them.

Geraldine Jansen

tel: +31-113-503466


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