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Moddey Cloh Step Bi Step

CAC Show Genk [B]
February 13 2010
Judge: Mr. P. Krol [PL]
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February 13 2010 CAC Genk [B] MR. P. Krol
4 excellent
November 1 2008 Bleiswijk [NL] CAC CACIB Mrs. Gladstone
2 Excellent
Februari 3 2008 Speciale/spezialzuchtschau CAC [Luxembourgh] Mr. Blaz Kavic [SLO] Very good
October 27 2007 NSV Clubmatch CAC [NL] Mrs. M. Withers [GB] Promissing
August 26 2007

Rotterdam [NL] CAC CACIB

Mw.U. Langer [D] 2 Very promissing


November 1 2008 Mrs. M. Gladstone
Lovely outline, well layed back shoulders, good lenght of neck, good rear angulation, correct head, well set of ears, good proportions of muzzle and back skull.


February 3 2008 Mr. Blaz Kavic [SLO]
Anatomisch sehr korektes, Aber zu grosse Hundin, stark und gezund. Zeigt sigh gut im bewegung.


Clubmatch October 27 2007 Mrs. M. Withers [GB]
Balanced but strong head, Nicely rounded muzzle, Good teeth, The darkest of eyes, Slightly heavy ears, Good dept of chest, Strong bone, Straight legs, Good neck and angulation, Level top line good, Good angulation in back legs, Nice hocks, Good length of tail, Good feet!



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