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Moddey Cloh One Step at a Time

Stacey best puppy on CAC CACIB show Eindhoven[NL]

Best baby in show on the dutch nationals 2010

Date Show Judge Results
May 15 2011 Dogshow Goes J.F. Bakker van de Woestijnen Good
March 27 2011 Luxembourgh CAC CACIB [L] G. Wagner Exellent
February 5 2011 Eindhoven CAC CACIB  [NL] Dhr V. O'Brien 1 Very Promissing
Best puppy
November 30 2010 NSV Clubmatch CAC [NL] Mrs. M. Gostelow
1 Very promissing
Best baby in show


May 15 2011

Judge J.F. Bakker van de Woestijnen [NL]

1 jaar oude blue merle teefje, aan de maat
Hoofdje nog wat rond in de schedel
Sterke voorsnuit
Iets wat laag tippende oren
Oog wat rond
Correct gebit
Voldoende hals
Wat lang in lichaam en overbouwd
Voor niet zo goed gehoekt achter iets beter
Goede vacht
Gaat met wat korte pas en los voor


February 5 2011

Judge Dhr. V. O'Brien

Very nice balanced female puppy
Beautiful head clean stop
Good muzzle
Ears set very good
Nice expression, paralel front
Exelent feet
Shows very well


Oktober 30 2010 Judge Mrs. M. Gostelow

Well balanced baby, Height- length ratio okay
Balanced head, Good parallel planes
Full dentension, excellent bite
Slighty short in upperarm
Chest to elbow, good bone throughout
Level topline, well turned stifle
Well let down hocks
Tail below the hocks
Mature coat for age, Correct merling
Sound movement, good reach and drive